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Lugano, Via Rolino 13, 6963 Lugano, Svizzera


Researchers-in-Residence 2022-2023   

The Research Centre for European Philological Tradition is launching the Researchers-in-Residence Program for scholars, PhD, doctoral or postgraduate students who:

 A. wish to work on a project on Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts hosted in Ticino in particular or more generally in Switzerland (area to be indicated in application is A), or 

B. wish to devote themselves to a research project on works of art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, preserved in Switzerland (area to be indicated in application is B), or 

C. wish to work on the critical edition of a literary work related to Switzerland (area to be indicated in application is C), or 

D. wish to carry out research for which they need to consult the Research Centre's extensive philological library, particularly in the field of Romance Philology and/or in the field of Medieval Italian, Spanish and Lusitanian literature (area to be indicated in application is D).   


RECEPTIO offers: the precious time and location they need to pursue their studies with a minimum of obligations and interruptions together with a maximum of scholarly resources, a combination that distinguishes our Center from similar institutions. RECEPTIO also provides: 3 rooms inside the Research Centre, located in a very quiet area of Lugano (only one hour by train from Milan/Italy and two hours from Zurich), in a historic residence, equipped with a kitchen and a big personal bathroom, a personal office within the Research Centre. 24/7 access to the Centre's library. Scientific advice for individual projects. Each year, a number of cultural activities organized at RECEPTIO are reserved for the RiR, and they are expected to join the wider community at conferences, lectures, and other activities organized by the Centre. RECEPTIO demands: respect for the Centre's equipment and books. A contribution to the costs of WiFi, electricity and cleaning of the rooms in the Centre used, amounting to 700 Euro per month. Applicants should indicate their preference between winter-spring (January through June 2022) and fall (September through December 2023). If necessary, the initial period of 4 months can be extended. 


Projects from both established and young researchers will be considered solely on the basis of the scientific value of the proposed project. 


Applications can be written in English or Italian and must be submitted electronically by midnight on November 15, 2021 to: info(at) Applications are evaluated by international scholars. The selection committee aims to assess the ability of candidates to contribute in a collegial way to the intellectual life of the Center. It pays special attention to the strength of the proposed project and its potential to yield original results, and to the candidate’s curriculum vitae. 


Applicants must have two scholars who know their work well and submit recommendations via email by November 20, 2021. These recommendations can be written in English or Italian.

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