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Since Christmas 2022, the research center RECEPTIO has been targeted by a malicious and virulent social media campaign, stemming from its founder's revelation of a profit-driven network of biblioclast dealers specializing in medieval manuscripts. The publishing house endured various forms of cyber and physical attacks for seven months and was consequently compelled to change its website and physical address.

The Research Centre for European Philological Tradition has been actively engaged in the digital reconstruction of dismembered manuscripts, particularly focusing on Books of Hours. Our publications for 2022 and 2023 predominantly revolve around these significant endeavors. The critical editions of digital reconstructions of dismembered manuscripts have been acquired by the Organization for the Protection of Medieval Manuscripts (Organisation pour la Protection des Manuscrits Médiévaux). The reconstructions can be accessed at the following address

As 2024 commemorates the centenary of the birth of esteemed philologist Giuseppe Tavani, who published his final book in collaboration with our institution, our scientific committee has made the decision to establish an honorary award in his name.

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