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Transgender Female Saints

Christina of Markyate

St Albans Psalter, Psalm 105 initial, Hildesheim

St Eufrosine/Esmarade

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The Hague, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, MS 71 A 24, fol. 61v

St Hilaria/Hilarion

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The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. Ludwig XV 8 (83.MR.178), fol. 133v

St Wilgefortis

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British Library, Additional MS 19416

St Eugenia of Rome

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Le procès d'Eugène-Eugénie, Vincent de Beauvais, Speculum Historiale, BnF, Arsenal manuscrit 5080 fol 154 c. 1335 (enlumineur : Mahiet)

St. Mary of Egypt

Yates Thompson MS 3, f. 287r

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