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1. Hermaphrodite Adam „… fecit ipsum masculofeminam“

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Amiens, Bibliothèque municipale, MS Lescalopier 030, fol. 10v

3. The Vagina Christi

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Psalter and Prayer Book of Bonne de Luxembourg, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Cloisters Collection

5. Transgender Female "Monks"

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Paris, BnF MS Latin 5264, f. 74r, St Marina the Monk, holding "his" child

6.2. Male Saints with feminine traits

London, Additional 15710, fol. 17r.

8. Alchemical androgyne

Abbey of St. Gallen in Switzerland, MS 428

2. Christ giving birth to the Church

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Codex Vindobonensis 2554, fol. 2v (France, 1225)
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

4. God with Our Lady's attributes

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Ms. Ludwig IX 10 (83.ML.106), fol. 264

6.1. Transgender Female Saints

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St Eugenia, Le procès d'Eugène-Eugénie, Vincent de Beauvais, Speculum Historiale, BnF, Arsenal manuscrit 5080 fol 154 c. 1335 (enlumineur : Mahiet)

7. Literary Heroines

Nottingham, University of Nottingham, ms. WLC/LM/6, f. 203r (Silence as a boy)

9. Vague entities in Medieval Literature and Legends

BL Harlay 4425, fol. 36

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