Our Medieval Manuscript collection, hosted in London Islington, is designed to showcase a wide range of texts and images over centuries of transmission, illustrating the art of the manuscript during the period of its greatest development and influence. These images exemplify the cultural and historical contexts of literacy in the medieval period.

Represented are Bibles, Books of Hours, Graduals, Missals, as well as other notarial and musical books, historical, philosophical, scientific, and theological MSS, among others. The collection has been assembled over the years by our centre, with the purpose of  showing students of the Applied Codicology course a number of significant examples of mise en page, illumination and texts.

We also have numerous facsimile publications of famous manuscripts to enable our students to practise during the pandemic period. Here are some leaves from our collection, to let students practise during the winter semester 21-22. Some of these can be purchased: