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DOI: 10.55456/deroucyboh
Reconstruction by Carla Rossi

This edition was financially supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, and the University of Zurich Open Science Services

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Due to a defamatory and hateful campaign, which escalated into death threats and criminal offenses against Prof. Carla Rossi and her family, perpetrated by Peter Kidd and his associates, subsequent to the author's exposé of a biblioclast merchant lobby, the publishing house Receptio Academic Press, whose members faced sustained pressures of stalking, threats, and cyberattacks, has been dissolved. The Organisation pour la protection des Manuscrits Médiévaux ( has acquired a portion of the catalogue, such as the De Roucy Second Editions, but some volumes edited with contributions from the Swiss National Fund remain accessible on the RECEPTIO website, which is no longer legally affiliated with Receptio Academic Press in any way. Any further attacks and threats, as in the past, will be reported to the police in the countries where the offenses are committed.

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