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Wonder how much a Medieval manuscript or document might be worth and how to buy or sell it? Have you decided to invest in the purchase of Medieval manuscripts online? Do you need extra advice before buying an antique book at auction?

Would you like to get your ancient books appraised for donation, insurance, tax, inheritance, purchase, or other purposes? That is something RECEPTIO can help you with. Our appraisers are professionals who determine the value or authenticity of a Medieval manuscript, of single (illuminated) manuscript leaves, or of fine and historic bindings. 

How much do Medieval manuscripts cost?
Who appraises historical documents?
What is the difference between manuscripts and illuminated manuscripts?
Why are manuscripts valuable?

These may be simple curiosities, but if you need the help of an expert on Medieval manuscripts, please contact our research centre without obligation.


These are the questions we are asked most often

Q: How do I find out how much my books or ancient manuscripts are worth?
A: Assuming you need a qualified appraisal for donation, insurance, or estate purposes, we can help you to ascertain value and rarity of your documents.

Q: I’d like to get my books or ancient manuscripts appraised for donation, insurance, or estate purposes. Is that something you can help me with?
A: Yes. RECEPTIO can issue appraisals and expertises and can put you in touch with the best dealers of ancient books and Medieval manuscripts in the world.


Q: Do you offer Certificates of Authenticity (COAs)?
A: Yes, we do.


Q: So how do I know if what I’m getting is genuine?
A: Although forging Medieval manuscript leaves is a complex operation (and only a few great forgers have managed to fool the antiquarian market for decades), scams, especially if you buy manuscript leaves online - on Ebay, for instance, are always around the corner. This is why you need an expert advice.


This is a clear example of a scam and an attempt to sell a fake


Q: How do you determine the provenance of a Medieval manuscript leaves?
A: With individual leaves, provenance is notoriously difficult to ascertain.

To date and localize a leaf, we pay close attention to the style of its script as well as any decoration and/or miniatures that might be present; and of course, we also rely on our many years of study and experience.


Q: I’m going to be in the area and would love to visit you for an appraisal. Do you accept visitors?
A: We take visitors by appointment. In full compliance with current health regulations, we only accept people with a valid Covid Certificate. Please reach out via email or phone to arrange a meeting. 

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